18th Year Anniversary
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Government Big Data Conference & Expo : October 20, 2016


Registration Opens / Exhibits Open (7:30AM - 1:00PM)

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

SmoyerMike Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute


An Enterprise Perspective

Col Linda JantzenCol Linda Jantzen, National War College, formerly Director, Army Architecture Integration Center



Session Summary: Col. Linda Jantzen, former Director, Army Architecture Integrations Center and Army Chief Data Officer will provide an enterprise perspective of the Army’s Data Strategy, their current data environment and its associated challenges.  Equally important to the volume of data is where the data resides and how it moves between public clouds, private clouds and on premise.




Best Practices and Perspectives on Ethical Big Data Governance


Mike Tomechak, InformaticaMike Tomechak, Big Data Domain Expert, Informatica





Session Summary: Enterprise data governance is a critical, yet challenging, business process. Even more, the rapidly expanding universe of data volumes and types make it a more significant undertaking, particularly for public sector organizations. In this session, attendees will learn how to bring comprehensive data governance to their organizations to ensure data collected and managed is handled and protected as required. Discover practical information on how to use the components and frameworks of the Hadoop stack to support your requirements for data auditing, lineage, metadata management, and policy enforcement, and hear recommendations on how to get started with measuring the progress of ethical big data usage--including what’s legal and what’s right. Bring your questions and join this lively, interactive dialogue.



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Master Data Management at the NRC

Cris Brown, NRCCris Brown, Master Data Management Program Manager, Financial Systems Branch, Division of the Controller, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, NRC





Summary Session: Learn about the first ~2 years of the NRC’s Master Data Management Program and where they are going from here.




Visualization and Big Data Analytics - Finding Trends and Making Connections in Your Data

Rodney Hite, ViONRodney Hite, Director, Big Data and Analytics Solutions, ViON





Summary Session: Analytics is what makes big data come alive. Without analytics, big datasets could be stored, and they could be retrieved, wholly or selectively. But what comes out would be exactly what went in. Analytics, comprising a number of different computational technologies, is what fuels the big-data revolution. Analytics is what creates the new value in big datasets, vastly more than the sum of the values of the parts.







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Transforming the American Public's Experience with Big Data


Philip Ashlock, GSAPhilip Ashlock, Data Portfolio Lead, Technology Transformation Service, GSA




Session Summary: Assessing progress towards implementing a federated architecture for open data.  What benefits can be unlocked by broader collaboration between government bodies through open data initiatives? How can data standards and canonical data registers provide the building blocks for services and government as a platform?




Benchmarking Deployment of Big Data and Analytics in Government

Adelaide O'Brien

Adelaide O'Brien, Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies, IDC Government




Session Summary: Often government decision makers do not know the key capabilities required to effectively draw insights from potentially large volumes of data, and the level of maturity their organization has regarding these capabilities. Research shows only 4.3% of respondents have operationalized Big Data and analytics across the organization with continuous coordinated process improvements and value realization (i.e. optimized maturity), and only 26.6% are operating at the enterprise level of having project, process, and program measurement influence investment decisions (i.e., managed maturity).

International Data Corporation (IDC) research shows that successful deployment depends on a multipronged approach guided by a strategy that accounts for not just technology but also talent and capital resources, business and IT processes, and the data.



Closing Remarks


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