18th Year Anniversary
Event: Webinar: Holistic Records Management: Managing Organizational Data
Holistic Records Management: Managing Organizational Data OnDemand, 1-Hour Duration; available until March 6, 2017

During this online session, we will discuss records management as a subset of a holistic approach to managing all of an organization’s data. Whether electronic, paper, or resident in the minds of its employees, an organization’s business information must be instantaneously accessible so senior leaders can make data-driven decisions at the speed their jobs require. This is a journey of many steps - some involving people, process, and technology. 


Comparisons will be drawn between the DoD Joint Staff’s journey and your own organizations’ making this a highly impactful session for information, records, knowledge, IT and legal professionals alike.

Featured Speakers


Mark Patrick, DoDMark Patrick, Chief, Information Management Division, The Joint Staff Secretariat, DoD








Tara Combs, AlfrescoTara Combs, Senior Records Management Specialist, Alfresco






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